It's Great to Have a Friend in the Car Business

When Gordon Wright found himself downsized following a successful 25+ year career in corporate marketing and sales, he decided to try selling cars and joined the team at a local dealership. He soon discovered that the way dealerships and car salespeople were generally conducting business was a lot different than the approach he had found common in the corporate world. Having spent most of his life applying marketing principles designed to deliver customers to the front door, he was convinced that his key to success in this new environment would be to use his marketing skills and understanding of buyer behaviour to provide a different customer experience.

One of his first steps in educating car buying prospects was a blog he created called “A Friend in the Car Business” that acted as a “consumer awareness guide” for car buyers. This eventually turned into a book “A New Way to Buy a Car” published in early 2015. He also set up a YouTube channel that provided similar car buying advice and tips as well as vehicle walkaround videos on new and used cars.
Since entering the car business in 2007, he has directly helped many hundreds of car buyers discover a new way to buy a car and he has reached thousands more via his various social media platforms, monthly newsletter, and through his work at major new car dealerships in Metro Toronto. His education-based approach has won him a large and loyal following. Writing on the topic and providing advice to car buyers has always been his priority while he shares a lifelong passion for cars and driving.

Gordon’s sales approach was based on the philosophy that an educated buyer is an easier customer to work with. This is how he built a large and solid base of customers who appreciated his unique style. At the same time, the internet and social media were providing more tools for car buyers to begin to level the playing field. Although changes are occurring quickly, the industry is still populated by a significant percentage of “old school” thinking in an industry with customers no longer willing to tolerate the tactics and techniques so common in the past.

So, by thinking differently, Gordon Wright pioneered a New Way to Buy Cars whether the activity was being conducted in the showroom or online. He realized that these methods worked better than the “old school” tactics employed by many of his colleagues, and he was rewarded with a parade of repeat customers and referrals. Educated customers, he found, were happy customers and were eager to spread the word.

Gordon Wright is a lifelong marketing and sales professional who lives near Toronto, Canada. He holds an MBA in Marketing from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a Bachelor of Business Management from Ryerson University.


How Can I Help You Buy & Enjoy Owning Your Next Car?

When I got into the car business, one of my first steps in educating car buying prospects was to write a blog called “A Friend in the Car Business” that acted as a “consumer awareness guide” for car buyers. This eventually turned into my first book “A New Way to Buy a Car” published in early 2015. Getting the new 2nd Edition of that book is the quickest and best way I can help in your car purchase project. CLICK HERE to access the book on Amazon (in Kindle or Paperback format).

Although I still work at a car dealership (in a Marketing and Business Development role), my mission now, as A Friend in the Car Business, is to help folks like you (wherever you live) to be smart car shoppers and navigate the ever-changing technologies of buying a car and understanding how to get the most enjoyment from owning a car given the endless array of safety and driver-assistance technologies available on new vehicles.

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