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Get the UDATED and EXPANDED 2nd Edition of "A New Way to Buy a Car"

A New Way to Buy a Car - 2nd Edition

“A New Way to Buy a Car – 2nd Edition” – The Ultimate Consumer Guide for Novice & Experienced Car Shoppers  is now available on Amazon in Kindle version as well as in Paperback!

The Original - A New Way to Buy a Car - Still Available on Amazon

The 1st Edition of “A New Way to Buy a Car” is still available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback!

Book Testimonials

Testimonial from Brent Jones, Blogger and former Auto Industry Insider. 

GARY GRANT, journalist & publisher of The Garage wrote of ‘A New Way to Buy a Car’, “I have seen many books over the years claiming to teach consumers how to beat the dirty car sales people at their own game. In most cases they are written by disgruntled ex-sales types who weren’t able to hack it in the industry”. Mr. Grant goes on to explain that “rather than a tabloid-style tell-all, Wright’s book teaches the consumer how to be a better shopper by understanding more about how the dealership environment actually works. ‘A New Way to Buy a Car’ is an easy read that removes much of the mystery from the car-buying experience, hopefully enabling its readers to actually enjoy buying a new car. It is a must read for anyone considering that big purchase.

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