“Over Shopping” Can Be Hazardous

As your car buying project progresses, have you quickly zeroed in on two or three vehicles that really appeal to you and fit your needs or have you been keeping the list long enough to include a wide range of possibilities? This could cause problems once you finally select a car to buy.

I have seen lots of people shopping for a new car traveling from dealer to dealer (and/or doing the same work online) while considering several makes/models before working out a final deal at a dealership.  If you continue to keep several vehicles and dealerships in play before landing on a vehicle at a dealership, you run the risk of “over shopping”. The danger in “over shopping” is that when you finally decide on a vehicle, you may have assumed something in the deal that was part of a discussion at another dealership.  Or, you test drove a GT model and ended up settling for a GS model which is missing a couple features important to you.  

Because I have seen this happen, I recommend being particularly focussed when reviewing the final purchase agreement. Before signing and before making the final commitment, make sure that everything you believe you are agreeing to is printed on the agreement. Just because the salesperson said he would try to get tinted windows included in the deal doesn’t mean they will be there when you pick up the car (unless those tinted windows are written into the agreement).

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