Want a Deal? Book an Appointment!

appointmentI recently booked an appointment with my doctor.  I gave him an indication of the reason for the visit when I booked the appointment so he was prepared for our meeting.  The time we spent together was not long but the assistance and advice I received was extremely helpful and actionable. During our meeting, I had the doctor’s undivided attention.  I only wish that a larger portion of the people coming to the dealership would use this approach.  It works in most other situations where you are making a major purchase or decision and are seeking expertise and assistance.  

Many of the people who buy cars at our dealership book an appointment (if not to buy the car) to get advice on what vehicle or lease/financing option would best suit their needs.  But many people coming to our store, just arrive at random. I am always puzzled by people who wander from dealership to dealership when they are in the market for a car.  It does not seem to be the most productive use of one’s time.

If you want to talk to the most experienced and knowledgeable people at the dealership, your chances of meeting one by just wandering in are pretty limited. At most dealerships, the senior sales people are busy meeting with prospects who have booked appointments.  

Most people in the market for a car do some research online and talk to friends or family about what brands or models should be considered.  You probably have two or three cars on your short list.  This is the point where I always recommend that you contact a dealership or a specific car salesperson recommended by someone you trust.  Or, contact your local dealership to find an experienced professional to assist you.  You can call the sales manager and ask that you be put in touch with the dealership’s best sales consultant.  Or simply go to the dealership website and contact one of the consultants on the staff page and talk by phone or email.

If you want to be treated like a V.I.P., it’s best to book an appointment just like you would if you were planning to buy a house, getting your teeth cleaned, or taking a golf lesson.  Or, you can wander into a dealership at random and hope you get lucky.

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